2020 Stud Fee - $1,500.00
Shipping/Collection 1st Shipment - $300

Shipping Less Collection - $250.00

Counter to Counter: $400

Canadian Shipments: $

When using PayPal a 3% fee will be applied to your transaction to cover the processing service fee.

Shipped Semen Dates for 2020
Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays                                                                                                   
To order Semen call:  McEquine – Rick McDonald – 903-816-1559.  It is best to call the day/night before you need a shipment sent to be put on his list as a Pender, orders are taken on First call, first served basis, so It is best to call as soon as you have an idea you may need a shipment.  Please confirm shipment by 10 AM CST the day of shipping.

Please make sure you have filled out the shipping contract provided and have submitted payment for shipping as well. Payment for shipping can be made through the shipping contract form. If you would rather print contract and send a check for shipping, please make sure it reaches McEquine- Robin Baker prior to shipment.(See shipping form for address to send shipping payment to)  As always, you can reach Robin Baker, owner of Full Medal Jacket anytime @ 248 765 4649 for further help in facilitating shipment.

Shipments must be pre-paid with check or PayPal.  
3% Convenience fee for PayPal.                                                                                               







2020 Digital Contracts (click link- Fill out/Submit Digitally)

Make Checks payable to: Karen Baker

Send Contract and Check to:

Full Medal Jacket, 3830 Highland Dr, Troy, Mi 48083

Breeding Information

Eligible for the Following Programs:
NSBA Breeders Championship Futurity Nominated
NSBA Stallion Inventive Program Nominated
Tom Powers Triple Challenge Nominated
Southern Belle Breeders Nominated
Michigan Stallion Service Nominated                    Color Classic Futurity

Breeding Considerations Given:

2020 Breeding Fee: $1500  

Previous or return Breeders: $1250 

Congress / World Champion winner or producer (performance riding class) $750   

Res. Congress / Res. World Champion winner or producer (performance riding class) $1000

APHA/ApHC World Or National Champion (performance riding class) $1000

Proven Performer or Producer - Superior Winner/Producer or major NSBA Futurity winner/producer: $1100

Multiple Mare Discount:

1st $1500

2nd $1250

3rd $1000

If you would rather print off contract and send a check, use the Download Contract button below and send to below address.